Client Service

M.C.I. Santé Animale has always put the needs of its clients as the development of its offer.
This resulted in the widening of its field of action, going beyond the provision of veterinary drugs and vaccines, to a real client support for proper use of these products.

Good Vaccination Practices service:

The proper administration of avian vaccines presents difficulties to professional farms, because of the sensitivity of the used vaccines, the size of the farms and the variability of the quality of the vaccine carriers (drinking water mainly).

To Support its customer on this specific point, M.C.I. Santé Animale with its partner Merial were the first to offer the Moroccan market a Vaccination technologies service by providing dedicated equipments to the customers and building a team of of technicians specialized in vaccination.

Laboratory diagnostics and support for the diagnostics of pathologies:

The laboratory's contribution is undeniable for a modern sanitary management of the herds. However, it’s not easy for veterinarians in the field to access the services of the laboratories especially if their requests are very specific.

To support the partners, MCI santé animale recover samples from veterinarians and send it to laboratories for treatment.

These actions often enable veterinarians to clarify situations and provide some quality service to the breeder and solutions to the cause of the problem.